Welcome to the ChARTing Change Gallery. We’re grateful to everyone who has taken the time to create original art works to inspire us to move towards more socially and environmentally just futures. We all may be at different points in the learning journey, but every step in the right direction counts.

Maggie’s Art

Climate change is real; it is constantly changing the way our world looks in the present and will look in the future. Let me ask...

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Jada’s Art

This world is full of death, pain and injustice.

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Irene’s Art

If we come together as equals and throw aside social injustice we can shape the world.

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Austin’s Art

I created this picture to show awareness and support change for ending bullying.

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Summer’s Owls

My name is Summer Adams. I have many indigenous family members who have been affected by various forms of violence against indigenous peoples, so this...

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Lyric’s Song

My parents chose the name Lyric because it was unique. There was no intention of me having anything to do with music. I chose this...

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Hannah’s Environment

This specific piece is an acrylic painting to represent how in today’s world we aren’t doing as much as we possibly can to take care(fix)...

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Kayla and the Earth

Looking at the drawing at first glance looks more on the side of a summer drawing with the soft warm lighting. However seeing the ice...

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Julia’s Portrait of a Woman

I find it to be outrageous that so many indigenous women go missing or are killed and we never hear about it. But if one...

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We applaud everyone who has taken the time to creatively express their visions and views on the changes they want to see in the world. AMES believes in creating platforms for youth to speak for themselves, and represent their unique perspectives, but the opinions expressed in the Gallery do not necessarily reflect those of the AMES Board, Staff, Partners Funders, Affiates and/or their respective directors, officers, employees, representatives, agents, and assigns.