Climate Justice by Brooklyn

Brooklyn's video about water protection

I cannot believe that I have finally finished this month and a half long project! It has taken me so long and I just hope that all the time and effort I put into my work has paid off. I have never worked so hard on a project in my entire life. This has been a very eye-opening experience and I am so happy that I had the opportunity to learn something of such great interest to me. The reason that this project took me such a long time was because I feel that this is such an important topic and know that I wouldn’t have looked into it on my own. I wanted to take the opportunity that my Earth Science 11 Course had given me concerning the problem of climate change to go into more detail researching the issue and learn things that I would have never known. As well, find certain topics and subjects about climate change that interest me and will push me to want to make a difference. I feel as though ocean acidification is such an important issue to be aware of, so I wanted to create a presentation that I could share with my friends and family to help them understand the scary reality of our oceans’ future that is slowly occurring right under our noses. My teacher is actually the one who told me about this contest and insisted that I should enter with my video since it is very educational and “well presented.” I hope that in the future there will be topics that intrigue me as much as climate change has and there will be more opportunities for me to make a difference in our changing world.

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