Art by Hana

Hana's Hope for Change

My art work foresees the change, peace, and greatness we can achieve if we are willing to give our support to the environment around us. This piece has multiple layers of meaning as we approach it through different perspectives. The fire burning underneath can symbolize climate change, racial inequality, and all the challenges happening around us that tries to burn down the skull, which is interpreted as the earth and our society collapsing and breaking apart with no sense of hope and life. The hand at the bottom colored in blue-(symbolizing water and our service)-contrasts with the fire, showing the essentials provided in order to save the rotten roots, hoping for a chance of survival and rebirth to world above. The different ethnicity hands holding together with the sun and universe revolving around implies the peace and equality achieved at the end, which can be seen if we analyze the painting through the lens of the people fight over racial and social discrimination. The message being sent through the piece is that if we are willing to make a change, even with the slightest help we give, we are able to make a huge impact, the colorless fades eventually becomes the land filled with happiness we visioned for our future!

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