Levi’s Art

Turning Change Project

For media in this project I sketched my scene onto the blank sheet of paper and generally shaded the piece to get a feel for where everything would lie once I was done. After this I began to paint the piece. In the piece I used sketching and paint. The paint idea was successful the downside to painting was how that some areas come off looking “too defined” if that makes sense and create focal points that I did not intend. The combination of media mainly the paint was me wanting to experience painting more to develop a art skill I am beginning to utilize more. I believe it added to my piece by making everything easier to decipher by making everything more vibrant. Theme: the theme of the piece is about the turning for change project. The subject I chose for this is a depicted scene between protesters and police officers during the 2020 fall protests. The inspiration from the piece comes from the image of the protester and shoulder from the Canadian OKA crises. Focal point. The focal point was meant to be in the area between the two characters where the colours shift. As stated previously there are few other incidental focal points created when detailing the piece. Symbols: in the piece there are no sort of hidden symbols but the piece is to be symbolic of change in our national landscape. Elements of art: line, texture, colour, shape, and value. Style: I believe in this piece there was a development of my art and art style by gaining more experience with paint s a medium. During this piece I was not influenced by a particular artists style or any particular art movement.

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