Grandpa Sun, Grandpa Moon by Lizzy

Lizzy Working with Her Ancestors

This work was inspired by a copper enamelled piece that my Nana and Grandpa did when they were in their early 20’s. My Nana and Grandpa are now well into their 70’s, and because of the pandemic I haven’t been able to visit them in about 6 months. Using FaceTime, my Nana and Grandpa spent an entire day teaching me to use the copper enamelling tools and kiln. Two years ago they had given it to me, knowing that I love to create art. All that time it sat in the garage, until finally this year I dusted it off, and asked them for help. What I have learned this past year is the importance of knowledge being passed down from generation to generation. We tend to hurry, and to think that the newest thing or the fastest thing is best. Instead, we need to slow down. We need to appreciate the quiet wisdom that is underneath the noise. Technology in itself is not bad – after all, without technology I could not have had their guidance by FaceTime. But our infatuation with technology needs to subside into something more fulfilling, more authentically connecting. My piece, “Grandma Sun, Grandpa Moon” reminds me to honour the creative energy of my ancestors, as immovable and defining to me as the mountains I love. It was created with the guidance of Dar and Don McDowell, my grandparents, who are 400 km away.

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