Maggie’s Art

Climate change is real; it is constantly changing the way our world looks in the present and will look in the future. Let me ask you a question, what are you doing to prevent climate change and our planet from dying? Do you even care? How are you impacting climate change? With this surrealism art piece, “The World Beyond the Wall”, we can journey into our imagination and picture what the world looks like from beyond the eyes and blinding walls of humanity. We can see what could happen if you break it down using your own hands and start to make a difference. You may find that the world is crumbling, falling, washing away, melting, burning, or something worse! You may see humanity and our world in a different light altogether. No matter what, let us start making a difference, one small change at a time! We can help our world live another day, if only we put in a little more effort, care, and awareness.

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