Renee’s Art

Coral reefs are vital for the world in many ways such as being a home to about 1/4 of all marine species and supporting underwater ecosystems. They protect coastal settlements and marine life from storms, hurricanes, etc. by absorbing wave energy. Coral reefs also provide humans with food and employment opportunities. My drawing, Fading Landscapes, depicts the negative impact climate change has on these beautiful coral reefs. When the water becomes too cold or warm, the microscopic algae living in the tissue of the coral leaves. Since the coral relies on these algae for food, they are weakened and lose their colour in the process. In my drawing, the closest corals are paler compared to the colourful ones in the distance. This visually demonstrates the significance of our choices and the big impact each of our small actions can make. The once vibrant corals may become bleached statues that serve as a reminder of our past actions. I hope this drawing highlights the harsh contrast between a healthy and unhealthy living world and reminds us to continue preserving the environment’s natural beauty. We have to take a stand for all the coral reefs out there before they disappear along with the many animal species that depend on them for survival.

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