Sherry’s Poem

The Chameleon by Sherry

While I am merely a grade eleven student at University Hill Secondary, I am an avid environmentalist who is constantly inspired to write short stories and poems about the vast expanse. My delicate emotions allow me to capture subtle details. In my spare time, I like to express those feelings through all styles of art from hip-hop dance to public speaking. I love to express my feelings and opinions with words. For example, in November of 2020, I was featured as a youth speaker on the stage of Get Inspired Talks hosted by the producer of TEDxStanleyPark. My video recording has reached 14k views on YouTube. Moreover, like the drawing of the chameleon I submitted, I developed a series of wild animals drawings in a similar art style. In the summer of 2020, the founder of a conservation organization selected many of my art pieces and converted them into stickers to sell as donations. Unfortunately, due to Covid constraints, the project has been on pause. During Covid, I wrote more than ever during the adaptive process to this new norm. Even without an audience to talk or perform to, I believe voices can be delivered loud and clear through words.

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