Stork by Tesia

Tesia's statement on the overproduction of plastic.


My drawing is of a bird (stork) wrapped in a plastic bag. For this drawing I used charcoal, white and black pen, and different shades of pencil. I used a photograph by John Cancalosi as a reference. There are a few different meanings behind my drawing. Environmental Plastic bags to birds, when left out in nature, can easily become mistaken for food, or end up entangling and trapping the bird. This will often result in a decline of health, or death. The basic production of plastic requires the extraction of fossil fuels such as oil, gas, and coal. Then, there is a huge overproduction of plastic because of it’s cheap price, and easy use. Plastic bags when produced, will often only be used once before discarded, and only a very small percentage will actually be recycled. The rest will be landfilled, leaked into the environment, or incinerated, none of which is good. Despite all these cons on the production of plastic, it is still used in mass quantities in everyday life. Other This however, is not the only possible interpretation of this drawing. When the viewer takes a closer look, they may make the connection of storks, symbolizing fidelity, fertility, springtime, and also good fortune. These are all positive possible symbols, and the fact that the stork is wrapped in an overproduced, climate wrecking, cheap, plastic bag, can definitely harbour some thought into the viewers mind about what this drawing really may represent. With all these different possibilities, the meaning of this drawing should simply be left to the viewer’s own interpretation. 

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