Viela’s Art

“Deal?” is a poster that advocates for changes in healthcare system, promoting for greater social justice for all genders. Menstrual products are not covered by medical insurance; thus, many people who need these products have to pay an extra cost every month than those individuals who do not. The extra cost adds on to people discriminatorily. For example, women often do not earn the same salary as men do, but they often need to pay an extra cost every month for using menstrual products. This is not fair for those individuals who need to use these products only because of the biological differences. To showcase the commercial distribution of menstrual products, I used Adobe Photoshop can created a Pop Art style poster. Pop Art originated from silk printing advertisement, relating closely to commerce. The two hands, one holding the money and reaching out for the pad, and another holding the pad and reaching out for the money, also represents an unequal deal between the two individuals. Many menstrual product corporations are led by men, which is often ironic because usually women are those who need these products. The repeating patterns of money and pads also represent the commercialization of menstrual products, which looses the original goal of reaching for better healthcare and comfort.

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